Waterbeds can offer you a great night of sleep but you don’t have to go out there and buy a new one. Many people get them and then they don’t like them. Some women find they can’t sleep on them well during a pregnancy, especially in the later stages of it. As a result they sale their waterbed and you can get a great deal on it. Some people have a mattress that leaked so they got rid of it. You can purchase a new liner and mattress for it and have a great water bed to sleep on.

Many people also sale them when they move just due to the hassle of filling them up and draining them out again. This can be a great way to get what you want without the price. Many waterbeds with a full mirror, under drawers, and even some cabinets above can be very expensive. Yet you can get a used one for less than half of the retail price and that is something to be excited about.

You definitely want to pay attention to the overall quality of a used waterbed before you buy it though. If it is already taken down then you need to make sure all of the parts are there. A common one that doesn’t work or that is missing is the heater. If you know that you can negotiate a lower price and then go buy a replacement. Just make sure that part can be found before you commit to buying the used waterbed.

There are many places where you can come across used waterbeds. Many people place ads online or in the newspaper. Should you be looking at a home to rent or an apartment the person that is in there now may want to sale their waterbed. This can be much easier for them than moving it to a new location.

You can also place your own ad for such a product and people can contact you. They may have a used waterbed in the garage or in storage that is just taking up space. They may see your ad and decide it is a great way to clear out some space and to make some money as well.